It is rare, in this increasingly touristed country, to find an untouched, peaceful, middle-of-nowhere place. Goudaguda village in Odisha’s tribal belt, offers you exactly that. Goudaguda, in Koraput district near the Andhra-Odisha border, is home to a community of adivasi potters. A few days here offers visitors a window into a different world, far removed from the crazy pace of the city.


Goudaguda village lies in hinter-land Odisha, so don’t expect the facilities of a city. The main thing to do here is attend the weekly haats, where members of the Bonda and Gadaba tribe come to sell their wares, or spend your day with the potters at work in the main village square.

The chief attractions here are the daily activities of village life. Travellers are welcome to walk around. The villagers are friendly and communicative. The stream, hills and fields attract a wealth of birds and butterflies. And at night, the sky is magnificent, with infinite stars.

Jyothy Karat
A potter at work, Goudaguda
A potter at work, Goudaguda


The Chandoori Sai (Cell: 09443342241; Tariff:  ₹5,000-6,000 with meals; W guesthouse here is set in a lovely two-acre garden, accommodation is in five ‘luxurious’ double rooms, the food here is home-style and made with fresh, local ingredients.

When to go October to March is the best. Avoid the monsoons as they tend to be very heavy and the roads are likely to be bad Location Chandoori Sai is located in Goudaguda village in Odisha’s Koraput district, about 200 km north of Visakhapatnam Air Nearest airport: Visakhapatnam Rail Nearest rail: Visakhapatnam