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World Environment Day 2024: This Aboriginal Community Uses Ghost Nets To Create Art For Environmental Awareness

When you are in Queensland in Australia, make sure to visit Pormpuraaw Art and Culture Centre. This World Environment Day, learn about their ghost net sculptures made by artists from dumped plastic fishing nets and other recycled materials

Artist Simon Norman with his artwork Barramundi Photo: The Australian Museum

Australia has more than 250 different aboriginal tribes with distinct languages and cultures who consider land and animals sacred providing them with food options and culturally significant rituals. The ways in which they represent their culture, traditions, and values are through their art (paintings, sculptures, ceramics, wood carvings, and more). The Pormpuraaw community has added a new method of representing their totems and culture, namely, by recycling plastic into sculptural works. Through the project, the Pormpuraaw community takes up recycling, creates sculptural works, and shows the world the many impacts of plastic waste in oceans.