Experience The Unexpected At Spice Village In Kerala

An eco-living experience in a re-imagined tribal village next to the Periyar forest, Spice Village is modelled on the dwellings of the native Manan tribe and exudes the raw spirit of unblemished nature

A cottage at Spice Village Photo: CGH Earth Website

If I look back on all the birthdays I've celebrated in my life so far, my 35th was definitely the best. Why, you may ask. Well, picture yourself walking through a primeval forest, lush jungle all round. The call of strange birds punctuate the silence of an otherwise quiet sanctuary. What's more exciting is that you're in the domain of the majestic tiger. Although I didn't see one - thank goodness since I couldn't possibly outrun it - I did pass a massive pugmark in wet mud, no more than a week old according to the forest guide who accompanied us. Somewhere in the thick foliage, the king of the Periyar Tiger Reserve may very well have been following our every move.