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All About The Indian Food Items In TasteAtlas' Lists

From the aromatic filter coffee to Maharashtra’s favourite snack, Vada Pav, find out the Indian snacks, dishes and beverages in that top the lists of TasteAtlas

South Indian Filter coffee served in a traditional tumbler or cup over roasted raw beans Photo: Shutterstock

Indian cuisine, with its delectable flavours, aroma and magic, has garnered global recognition, captivating the taste buds of food enthusiasts worldwide for a long time. The Indian cuisines have been adopted with their cooking techniques borrowed to various countries where they are liked by their consumers. To compile and archive the world food, TasteAtlas releases lists of various types based on food survey. It is a renowned global food and travel guide platform that has bestowed culinary excellence upon several iconic Indian dishes, snacks, and beverages, elevating them to prestigious positions on its lists.