A Journey Through Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Colombia

Gabriel Garcia Marquez's heart belonged to Colombia's Cartagena, where he found inspiration for his magical realism

A mural of the writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez adorns the Getsemani district, Cartagena, Colombia Kerrick James/Alamy Stock Photo

A visit to Colombia is incomplete without paying homage to one of the most prolific authors we have ever seen—Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The Nobel laureate, whose 10th death anniversary falls on 17th April, travelled extensively. Still, no place was as close to his heart as Colombia’s Caribbean hamlet of Cartagena, even though Gabo, as he was popularly called, was born in the town of Aracataca, got his education in the capital city of Bogota, and breathed his last in Mexico City. In Cartagena, Gabo lost his heart in this beautiful port city and owned a house that still belonged to his family. Located at Colombia’s northern edge, Cartagena is a Caribbean gem that travel enthusiasts often overlook for places like the Bahamas and Puerto Rico.