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60 And Sensational

Model Dinesh Mohan delves into how he conquered his mental health challenges, embraced a healthier lifestyle, and ultimately discovered the confidence to walk on the ramp

Mohan celebrating New Year 2024 in Goa

Forget sculpted abs and chiselled features. Model Dinesh Mohan offers a far more compelling story: a triumph over depression and an eating disorder. In a world obsessed with external beauty, Mohan, in his sixties, inspires those facing similar battles.

After completing his education in Hisar and Chandigarh, Mohan settled in Gurugram, working as an English professor before choosing voluntary retirement in 2004. However, a personal loss that year triggered a downward spiral, leading to depression. For years, he struggled with this and disordered eating, reaching a peak weight of over 125 kg. In 2009, a medication overdose caused him to lose control of his legs, leaving him bedridden for nearly a year and a half.

But in 2012, there was a turning point. Pushed by his family to improve his health, Mohan stopped relying on medication and committed to self-improvement.

With the help of a physiotherapist, he regained his strength. Months of hard work culminated in him walking again. Later, Mohan consulted a dietician and a fitness trainer and claims that he shed around 50 kg over eight months. Today, this "silver fox" thrives as an actor and model.

In this interview, Mohan reveals the key steps that led him from self-doubt to self-belief and a thriving career. He discusses how he tackled mental health challenges, embraced a healthier lifestyle, and ultimately found the confidence to shine on the ramp.