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5 Authentic Local Dishes To Try On Your Maldives Tour

In addition to the idyllic landscapes and natural beauty, explore the offbeat path by trying these 5 local dishes on your next Maldives tour

Maldives Photo: / iStock

The first thing to come to mind whenever a mention of the Maldives is made are vast landscapes surrounded by water, palm trees swinging in the cool breeze and white beaches. However, in recent times, its culinary landscape is slowly grabbing eyeballs. The local fare has taken inspiration primarily from neighbours India and Sri Lanka, with a few borrowed flavours from the eastern Asian countries.

Most of the dishes that travellers experience on their Maldives tour come from the resorts they stay at. Seafood and coconut rule the roost in Maldivian cooking, and to experience the authentic cuisine of this island nation, it is advisable that you take out some time on your holiday to take a trip to the local islands and dive headfirst into what the locals eat.

Here are 5 authentic dishes to get you started on your local culinary discovery during your Maldives tour: