Friday, Oct 22, 2021

Pradhan Mantri POSHAN Abhiyaan

To Eradicate Malnutrition, We Must Start At The Grassroots

Mar 13, 2021 Dr. Angela Chaudhuri

The various factors that contribute to malnutrition cannot be tackled by health professionals alone

Budget Slots Rs 20,105 Crore For Mission Poshan 2.0

Feb 01, 2021 Prakash Kumar

The existing Supplementary Nutrition Programme (SNP) and the Poshan Abhiyan will be merged to formulate the new umbrella programme, Poshan 2.0, to combat malnutrition more effectively.

Healthy Eating Habits For Adolescence Nutrition

POSHAN Abhiyaan also aims to reduce stunting (height-to-age ratio) by 2 per cent each year.

Virtual Conference On Nutrition Research Mulls Fresh Interventions

Sep 19, 2020 Team Poshan

The conference organised by IFPRI and 19 co-hosts focused on evidence-based insights to further nutrition goals

The Hourglass Phenomena

Just as in an hourglass all the grains of sand trickling down can settle at different places, a convergence across various nutrition streams can yield multiple benefits

05 August, 2020

A Commitment To Nutrition:Act Now!

Pratima Mathews

A diverse group of nutrition stakeholders have joined hands to ensure that COVID-19 does not derail the government’s malnutrition programmes

10 June, 2020

Nutrition In The Context Of The COVID-19 Pandemic In India

Dr Yasmin Ali Haque, Mr. Bishow Parajuli, Ms. Payden, Mr. Tomio Shichiri

Here are 6 steps the government must take to ensure that the nutrition needs of vulnerable women and children are not compromised by the pandemic and its fallout.

20 March, 2020

Udaipur Takes The POSHAN Message To Every Doorstep

Soma Biswas and Krishna Singh Gohil

During a recently organised POSHAN Pakhwada, a combined force of 6866 ANM, ASHA, AWW and Community POSHAN champions went to the homes of every pregnant woman and lactating mother in Udaipur district to counsel them on maternal and child nutrition.

25 February, 2020

Advancing Nutritious Food Crops: The Role of the Public Sector

Arun Baral

The public sector plays a vital catalytic role, through enabling policies and programs, in ensuring that biofortified crops like iron pearl millet, zinc wheat, and zinc rice reach the most vulnerable populations to address the problem of ‘hidden hunger’.

30 December, 2019

10 Things That Made Nutrition Such A Buzzword Across India In 2019

Basanta Kumar Kar

Get The Lowdown From India's "Nutrition Man," Who Made Us All Proud By Winning The Global Nutrition Leadership Award In 2019

17 December, 2019

'Nutrition Is Everybody’s Business And Nobody’s Responsibility'

Damayanti Datta

How Lawrence Haddad, Food Fighter Par Excellence, Jolted The World With His Tough Math And Stark Logic. Introducing "Conversation With Stars," A Monthly Podcast Series Conducted By Basanta Kumar Kar, India’s Very Own Homespun Nutrition Man.


29 November, 2019

Government Earmarks Rs 9,046 Cr Budget For 'Poshan Abhiyan'

Outlook Web Bureau

Union Minister for Women and Child Development Smriti Irani said in Lok Sabha that the government has set up the 'POSHAN Abhiyaan' on December 18, 2017 for a three-year time frame commencing from 2017-18 with an overall budget of Rs 9,046 crore.

27 November, 2019

Test, Treat And Talk For An Anemia Mukt Bharat

Akanksha Srivastava

A Young Nutritionist Writes About Her Experience Of A Poshan Abhiyaan Camp

12 November, 2019

How Big Data Takes A Reality Check

Suparna Ghosh-Jerath

Two Years After Poshan Abhiyaan Got Cabinet Nod, A New Lancet Study Probes The Progress Of States


25 September, 2019

Let’s Talk About Our O-O Burden

Shweta Khandelwal

Why Poshan Maah needs to consider the neglected but rising overweight-obesity epidemic in India

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President Ram Nath Kovind pays tribute to Mahatma Gandhi during his visit to Khadi Mall in Patna.

PTI Photo

President Ram Nath Kovind and First Lady Savita Kovind visit Mahavir Temple in Patna.

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Special Operations Group (SOG) personnel take positions in a forest area during the 12th day of the encounter between security personnel and militants, at Mendhar in Poonch district.

PTI Photo

An artist gives finishing touches to an idol of Goddess Kali ahead of Kali Puja in Dhanbad.

PTI Photo

President Ram Nath Kovind and First Lady Savita Kovind visit Takht Sri Patna Sahib Gurudwara in Patna.

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