Tuesday, Mar 28, 2023

Hunger Crisis

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Sudan: One Third Of Population Faces Hunger Crisis, UN Food Agency Expresses Concern

Living conditions rapidly deteriorated across cash-strapped Sudan since an October military coup sent an already fragile economy into free-fall, with the Russian invasion of Ukraine compounding the economic pain.

17 June 2022

Gulnaz has to keep her 18-month-old son warm as she begs on a bitterly cold highway on the road to Kabul

Afghanistan: Aid Workers Rush To Save Millions Amid Bitter Winter Cold

International aid organizations are scrambling to save millions of Afghanis as the cold weather has left them freezing, without food. A World Food Programme spokesperson said that only 30 cents per person per day aid is...

03 February 2022

Afghanistan: Can The Taliban Avert A Food Crisis Without Foreign Aid?

The UN's World Food Program has warned that half of Afghanistan's population is facing an acute hunger crisis, with millions forced to choose between 'migration or starvation' amid drought and economic collapse.

13 November 2021

Female students walk on the courtyard of Kandahar University for the first time since the Taliban takeover

Taliban Vs Women In Schools - To Send Or Not To Send, Humanitarian Aid Is The Question

Public universities were opened after a long time in selective provinces in Afghanistan after the Taliban's announcement on Wednesday. With an inflation-ravaged economy and hunger-ridden population, terms for humanitarian...

04 February 2022

The World's top 10 richest men now have six times more wealth than the poorest 3.1 billion people.

Over 16 Crore More People Forced Into Poverty In Two Years Of Pandemic: Oxfam

The world's ten richest men saw their fortunes grow at a rate of $15,000 per second during the first two years of the pandemic and if these ten men were to lose 99.999 per cent of their wealth tomorrow, they would still be...

17 January 2022

Global Hunger Index 2021: What It Means For India?

India has slipped to 101st position from last year’s 94th position

15 October 2021

Afghanistan Ambassador to India, Farid Mamundzay

India's Humanitarian Aid To Afghanistan: 50,000 Tonnes Wheat Shipment To Begin Next Week

India is going to deliver 50,000 tonnes of wheat in the next week or two, and the delivery will be completed in a month's time, Afghan Ambassador Farid Mamundzay said.

03 February 2022


Afghans' Plight Surges Due To Hunger Crisis Amid Taliban's Challenges

About one third of the country's population of 38 million doesn't know if they will have a meal every day, according to Ramiz Alakbarov, the UN's humanitarian chief in Afghanistan.

02 September 2021