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Environment & Ecology

'Science For Environment': MP Students Make Ganesha Idols That Can Purify Water

Sep 15, 2021 Outlook Web Desk

They are using Potash Alum, a household compound. An idol of 1.5-2 feet using it can be made at a minimal cost of just Rs. 3.

Between Shells And Dams: J&K’s Gurez Valley, Where Land Is Needed And People Are Not

Aug 29, 2021 Ubeer Naqushbandi

The Kishenganga Project left the historically rich ‘Dard-Shin’ tribe of Gurez valley devoid of their land, identity, culture and livelihood. Now, they are facing an existential threat as fears of avalanche and other natural disasters loom large in their minds.

'No Means, No !' After Landslides, Kinnaur Natives On Warpath Against Hydel Projects

'No means, No' is a powerful slogan coined by the locals in Kinnaur supported by some social and environmental groups to stop sanctioning of any new hydel projects, almost on the lines of Uttarakhand’s famous “Chipko anadolan” – a mass movement to save the forests there .

India Should Not Carry Colonial Baggage In Addressing Environmental Issues

Aug 04, 2021 Shubh Gupta

Time is running out. India must revisit its spiritual roots to discover its own form of environmentalism

Kinnaur: New Himalayan Hotspot For Man-Made Disasters?

Kinnaur is already identified as a high landslide and disaster-prone zone. And yet it is the hub of intense construction activity like hydropower and massive land-use changes.

17 July, 2021

The Beautification Of Sattal Lake: An Environmental Deathtrap

Devina Chandola

The 'development' project has made the locals and the stakeholders concerned about the fragile ecosystem of the area as the Western Himalayan belt is attributed to high conservation importance.

10 June, 2021

Javadekar Seeks Report On Illegal Axing Of Rosewood Trees In Kerala

Outlook Web Bureau

The state administration informed the Kerala High Court on Wednesday that a mafia was involved in tree felling and that what was uncovered in the probe was only the tip of the iceberg.

06 June, 2021

India’s Rank Slips Two Spots On 17 SDGs Adopted As 2030 Agenda

Outlook Web Bureau

The new report revealed that India's rank was 115 last year and dropped by two places primarily because of major challenges like ending hunger and achieving food security.

06 June, 2021

Desert Healer, Environmentalist And Conservationist: Himachal Man Leaves Behind An Evergreen Legacy

Ashwani Sharma

In Himachal Pradesh’s Kinnaur district, late AD Negi planted 30,000 trees, turning nearly 70 hectares of parched soil into a breathtaking green patch.

05 June, 2021

Reimagining The Role Of Indigenous Tribals In Restoring Local Ecosystems

T S Haokip

The unsystematic practice of Jhum with complete disregard for traditional ethics poses a grave threat to restoring the ecosystem of the land.

04 June, 2021

Recovery From Pandemic Should Be Sustainable To Address Climate Change: Mattias Frumerie

Lola Nayar

Mattias Frumerie shares with Outlook’s Lola Nayar how carbon taxes and stimulus can play a significant role in shaping India's green recovery.


04 June, 2021

Delhi High Court Dismisses Juhi Chawla's Plea Against 5G, Fines Rs 20 Lakh

Outlook Web Bureau

The Delhi High Court in its Friday order said, 'It appears the suit was for publicity. Juhi Chawla circulated the link of the hearing on social media.'

01 June, 2021

Plant milk: The emerging recipe for sustainable staple diets

Humane Society International India

Demand of diary has paved the way for plant-based dairy products and other milk alternatives

29 May, 2021

How A Grassroots Conservationist Turned A Naga Village Into A Biodiversity Peace Corridor

Priyadarshini Sen

Former church worker taps into the spiritual core of indigenous practices to combat climate change.

25 May, 2021

Food Hubs To Tackle Malnutrition

Kalyani Prasher

Food hubs can play a key role in tackling the scourge of hunger and malnutrition

24 May, 2021

Do We Have The Right To Mourn The Demise Of Sunderlal Bahuguna?

Devina Chandola

The trees which Sunderlal Bahuguna planted in Uttarakhand are now being uprooted to make way for the Char Dham highway project and instead of acting to preserve his legacy we are making do with false condolences

22 May, 2021

One Among Nature: Protecting Our Ecosystems

Shoko Noda

As we mark World Biodiversity Day, let us pledge to preserve and protect our planet’s resourceful and nurturing ecosystems before it is too late.


21 May, 2021

Chipko Movement Pioneer Sunderlal Bahuguna Succumbs To Covid-19 In Rishikesh

Outlook Web Bureau

Bahuguna, 94, was undergoing treatment at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Rishikesh

Photo Gallery

An effigy of Ravana burns during the Dussehra celebrations, in Amritsar.

PTI Photo

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh volunteers participate in the annual Vijayadashmi programme, in Nagpur.

PTI Photo

Devotees pull the chariot of Lord Raghunath on the occasion of Kullu Dussehra.

PTI Photo

Union Minister for Civil Aviation Jyotiraditya Scindia with his son Maha Aryaman Scindia offers prayers at Gorkhi Devghar on the occasion of Dussehra festival, in Gwalior.

PTI Photo

An effigy of Ravana in flames marking the end of the Dussehra festival, in Jammu.

PTI Photo

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The Negotiator: Rakesh Tikait Is The Glue Holding Farmers’ Agitation Together


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Outwardly peaceful, Kashmir has seen a spate of civilian killings in recent weeks. A silent unease has now exploded into fear and concern after the shooting of minorities.

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Kashmir Minority Killings A Throwback To The Terrifying 90s


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Virat Kohli will step down as T20 captain of India and RCB but that will not take away the fact that he remains a unique leader

Sep 20, 2021 Arijit Ghosh

Taliban: What’s Next For The International Community?

With all foreign soldiers out of Afghanistan, the Taliban is now in a position to do pretty much what it wants.

Sep 13, 2021 Seema Guha

Rising Challenges Of Plagiarism In The Era Of Online Education

It can be a crucial stepping stone to develop young minds to appreciate the importance of practising honesty throughout their academic journey and lay the foundations for successful professional careers.

Sep 12, 2021 Chaitali Moitra

Vaccine Mandates Harm Long-Term Public Health

One can be pro-religion, but against coerced religion; one can be pro-vaccines, but against coercion and mandates

Sep 12, 2021 Kameswari Chebrolu