‘He Hasn’t Fought Someone Like Me’ – Danial Williams Thinks His Experience Will Overcome Jonathan Di Bella’s Talent

"Mini T" is confident for his ONE Strawweight Kickboxing World Title challenge on October 6 at ONE Fight Night 15.

‘He Hasn’t Fought Someone Like Me’ – Danial Williams Thinks His Experience Will Overcome Jonathan Di Bella’s Talent

All-action fan favorite “Mini T” Danial Williams will soon return for a crack at the planet’s top strawweight kickboxer.

On October 6 at ONE Fight Night 15: Tawanchai vs. Superbon on Prime Video, the Thai-Australian standout will challenge undefeated phenom Jonathan Di Bella for the ONE Strawweight Kickboxing World Title in Bangkok, Thailand.

When he makes the walk to the ring at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in U.S. primetime, Williams knows he’ll be facing a supremely skilled striker.

Now in his final preparations for that massive World Title clash, “Mini T” spoke to about Di Bella’s most dangerous attributes:

“I think his technique [is his biggest strength], man. His technique is wicked. He’s got a really good lead hook, and he’s got fast kicks. He’s a volume fighter, so the pressure’s there. He’s going to keep striking.”

Indeed, the reigning titleholder showcased a seemingly endless gas tank in his thrilling World Title-winning victory over Zhang Peimian last October at ONE 162.

Williams took note of that performance, recognizing that Di Bella was born and bred for championship-level competition.

He said:

“I just think because he’s just grown up with his dad being a champion, training since 2 years old, that’s all he knows. I just think his technique is quite flawless, and yeah, he’s obviously undefeated. So, I just feel like that’s all he knows, and he’s destined to do it.”

Despite his great respect for the Italian-Canadian star, “Mini T’s” praise stops there.

He believes Di Bella is short on high-level experience and points out that he was likely on the verge of losing a decision to Zhang before scoring a shocking head-kick knockdown with just one minute remaining in the final found.

With that in mind, Williams plans to give the defending World Champion a rude welcome to the upper echelon of the striking world.

The former WMC Muay Thai World Champion said:

“I feel like [Di Bella] got bumped up to fight for the title straight away, so I don’t feel like he’s fought the experienced guys here. Zhang Peimian is probably the most experienced guy, I feel like, and yeah, that was a close fight. Very close. Head kick. If you didn’t get the head kick, I think they’d have given it to ZPM. 

“I just feel like he just hasn’t fought someone like me before.”

Williams Says Fans Can Expect ‘Pure Action’ Against Di Bella

After making six ONE Championship appearances across three different combat sports disciplines, Danial Williams has every reason to be confident in his experience edge over Jonathan Di Bella.

Even though the Italian-Canadian impressed in his lone ONE outing, “Mini T” has spent the past two years going to war with pound-for-pound elites, including longtime ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion Rodtang Jitmuangnon and flyweight kickboxing kingpin Superlek Kiatmoo9.

Williams believes that gap in experience – coupled with his ruthless knockout power – will carry him to a World Title victory on October 6:

“From what I’ve seen from his opponents, they’re not big names, just not like someone who’s had that experience in martial arts in general. I think my mind’s going to be stronger, and I’m going to have more power – that’s a big one.”

In order to press his power advantage, the man from Perth knows he’ll need to march forward into the fire, willing to take a shot to give one – something he’s never been afraid to do.

As one of the organization’s most entertaining, aggressive fighters, it’s no secret that Williams will press the action from the opening bell in hopes of forcing Di Bella into a wild firefight.

He described what fans can look forward to at ONE Fight Night 15:

“Expect absolute fireworks. I am just going to walk forward. I’m going to be able to take his shots. I’m gonna give him my best shots that I’ve got.

“This is it for me, so you’re just going to see pure action. Just someone who’s just not going to be circling, not going to be running back. Just going to be really trying to get that best shot, and you know, hurt him. Yeah, just pure action.”