1. All posts will carry 'No follow links’.
2. Native articles written by AI will not be accepted as Google identifies them easily and penalises the publisher as well as the article by de-indexing the article or increasing the time it takes to get indexed” such articles if caught will be deleted by us immediately without any refund
3. Text of article to be supplied in .docx or Google Doc format. No PDF will be accepted.
4. All images are to be in .JPG/.JPEG format. Dimension 960 x 506 pixels below 1mb. No PDF file will be accepted. “Tables/ Charts” if any, separate image needs to be shared for that.
5. Guide text in case of multiple images- precisely mentioning the placement of images after a certain paragraph/topic. Can be appended with the main text document (point 1)
6. Videos in articles: Only YouTube/ Vimeo/ Dailymotion/ Enterprise-grade video solution URLs accepted.
7. An article is normally there to stay, at least for a year. The client can choose to refresh his posted article with a new publishing date by paying an additional $100.
8. Any updation in the article post 48hrs will attract a cost of 1 new article.
9. In case we receive a notice/DMCA from any valid client/authority, the article will be removed without any prior notice.
10. An article can have a maximum of 6000 words, 20 hyperlinks and 10 images. (*Additional costing applied post 2000 words, 5 hyperlinks, 5 images)
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12. The native article will be immediately removed from the site in case Outlook receives any written notice claiming policy violation, hate speech, misleading content, or copyright infringement issues.
13. For any article where we are trying to establish a claim, eg, one product is better than another, mentioning a product as a Scam etc there we need to have a proper source with name and field of work of the authority who can authenticate the claim if needed.
14. Words such as Scam, Fraud and Comparison are to be avoided in the Heading.




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All payments will have to be in advance.



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Outlook Publishing (India) Pvt Ltd
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It takes a maximum of 48 working Hrs including the trouble shooting time to publish the articles. The received articles are shared with the editorial team three times a day.

Time slots for receiving articles:

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  Slot II : 13:00 hrs IST
  Slot III : 15:30 hrs IST

Note: Any articles received post the last time slot will be taken up on the next day.


Health & Supplements

Primary Disclaimer

The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.

• We will not be accepting any kind of explicit or sexual content, even if you send it to us they will get rejected by the edit team. So, please adhere to the following rejection criteria while creating the articles.

Explicit Words examples : Erectile Dysfunction, Penis, Sex, Vagina, Sexual Performance, Boner, Male Enhancement, Dick, Bedroom Performance, Penile, Ejaculation, Vaginal

Please note: In addition to these above words, anything that has contextual text referring to sexual activity.

*ED is “OK” but if the earlier line gives the meaning of ED, then “No”.
*Words like “Sex drive” or “Libido” are acceptable unless the context is of explicit nature.

Sexual References (Getting Hard, Lasting Longer, Partner Satisfaction, Performance in Bed, etc.)
• Male Enhancement Products
Celebrity Names : If any celebrity name is used in the article to promote the product or to promote the article, it will not be published.
Drugs : Any article that contains content on Drugs/Illegal Substance usage, methods to avoid their detection, or acquiring them are not allowed.
• Vape and Other Smoking Products