Caste Panchayats

Kundu khap ­members block NH 71 in Rohtak

Photograph by Indian Express Archive

A panchayat meeting in progress in Bisada village in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh

A woman in Rajsamand district in Rajasthan was allegedly stripped naked and paraded on a donkey on the orders of village elders after being accused of killing her nephew.


Ssecularism A mahapanchayat in Bawana, Delhi, ordains it won’t allow the Moharram procession through the area; scared Muslims oblige

Jitender Gupta

Decision time Jats at a panchayat meet in Haryana

Jitender Gupta

For justice Manoj's mother with Babli and her son's photo, news clippings

Tribhuvan Tiwari

An honour killing in Karnal, Haryana

Love, lost A khap mahapanchayat meet on in Kaithal district, Haryana, in May

Mandeep Nagar, Ankit Chaudhary and Nakul Khari, accused of ‘honour’ killings


Prem Chowdhry, who extensively studied the phenomenon of rising violence against couples flouting rules of arranged marriages for her book Contentious Marriages, Eloping Couples, explains why it’s happening and some of the reasons why male guardians and khap panchayats unleash extreme violence on couples

Sanjay Rawat

Caste-struck Manoj’s mother stands before clippings of her slain son and his wife Babli

Tribhuvan Tiwari

Sandeep Adhwaryu

Randhir Singh, Bhiwani
A khap panchayat opposed his son’s ‘sagotra’ marriage. He says it was political vendetta.

Tribhuvan Tiwari

Poonam, Bhiwani district
This brave Jat girl married a Dalit. Despite the atrocities the couple faced, they are together.

Tribhuvan Tiwari

Balwant Sihag, Hissar district
Married Rajbala, of his own village. Being well-off, he could take on the khap panchayat.

Tribhuvan Tiwari