Scaling New Heights: How Dwija Fashion's 2CR Success Story Embodies Trendia's Global Vision For Indian Brands

Dwija Fashion's Remarkable Journey to Over 2CR in Sales

How Dwija Fashions 2CR Success Story Embodies Trendias Global Vision For Indian Brands
How Dwija Fashion's 2CR Success Story Embodies Trendia's Global Vision For Indian Brands

In an extraordinary surge of entrepreneurial spirit and strategic ingenuity, Dwija Fashion, under the visionary leadership of Trendia, has emerged as a luminous beacon in the international marketplace for Indian products.

This vibrant brand, dedicated to showcasing the rich tapestry of Indian craftsmanship to a global audience, has achieved a staggering sales milestone of over 1 crores. This phenomenal ascent from its modest inception in December 2022, where initial sales were around 46,000 INR, to a monumental revenue figure is not just a testament to DWIJA Fashion's relentless pursuit of excellence but also to the dynamic platform behind it—Trendia.

Trendia ( is revolutionizing the way Indian brands carve their niche globally, transforming challenges into opportunities with its innovative approach and unwavering support for Indian brands like Dwija Fashion who deals in Indian ethnic wear.

In December 2022, Dwija Fashion joined forces with Trendia, embarking on a mission to transcend the boundaries of domestic markets and bring the beauty of Indian craftsmanship to the world stage. Facing the universal hurdles of global expansion head-on, Dwija's collaboration with

Trendia marked the beginning of a transformative journey. Within a remarkably brief span of eleven months, this partnership not only propelled Dwija's sales beyond the 1 crore mark but also culminated in a groundbreaking revenue achievement exceeding 2 crores in the most recent four months.

With a rich history of presence on platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, and Meesho spanning 7-8 years, Dwija Fashion faced numerous challenges, including Return to Origin (RTOs) and cancellations, which significantly impacted their financial success. However, the partnership with Trendia marked a turning point. This collaboration has propelled Dwija Fashion into a realm of unparalleled business growth, to the extent that they have decisively chosen to dedicate their sales exclusively through, stepping away from all other platforms.

Trendia's groundbreaking approach, offering a service model that eliminates the concerns of RTOs and returns, thereby safeguarding the vendors' profits, has been a game-changer for Dwija Fashion. This strategic alliance not only underscores Trendia's commitment to fostering a thriving environment for its vendors but also highlights the remarkable journey of Dwija Fashion from overcoming challenges to achieving substantial business success, exclusively on Trendia's global stage.

This miraculous growth trajectory is a glowing reflection of Trendia's dedication to nurturing Indian brands on the international stage. With a deep understanding of the delicate balance between cultural authenticity and global market demands, Trendia employs cutting-edge marketing strategies, robust quality checks, and relentless dedication to ensure that each brand in its fold reaches its zenith of potential. Jignesh Khorasiya, the innovative mind behind Dwija Fashion, shares, "Trendia isn't just a platform; it's a growth partner. Our journey from a modest startup to a global name has been exhilarating. Trendia's strategic insights, quality assurance, and marketing prowess have been instrumental in helping us connect with our audience on a level we never thought possible."

What truly sets Trendia apart is its unique approach to brand promotion. Beyond mere transactions, Trendia is deeply invested in storytelling, bringing the essence of Indian culture to the forefront and allowing consumers worldwide to experience India's heritage through

every purchase. This strategy has not only propelled Dwija Fashion to new heights but also enabled numerous other brands to establish a significant presence in international markets.

The success of Dwija Fashion underscores a broader narrative of Indian entrepreneurial spirit finding its voice and audience on a global stage through strategic partnerships. Trendia's platform stands as a beacon of innovation and commitment, pushing the boundaries of what's possible for Indian brands abroad. As Trendia continues to guide brands like Dwija Fashion toward unprecedented growth, it reinforces the narrative that with the right support, Indian craftsmanship and entrepreneurial zeal can leave a lasting mark on the world stage, one success story at a time.

In the wake of Dwija Fashion's remarkable success, Trendia extends a warm invitation to other small brands and vendors dreaming of global acclaim. This opportunity is a call to join a growing family of successful collaborations, where the growth potential is limitless and the stage is set for transforming aspirations into tangible success. Jignesh Khorasiya's journey with Dwija Fashion stands as a testament to the transformative power of partnership and strategic vision.

For brands that dream big and aim to share their unique Indian products with the world, Trendia offers a gateway to reaching millions of hearts and homes across the globe. Like Dwija Fashion, your brand too has the potential to achieve, and perhaps even surpass, significant milestones of success. Join us on this journey of transformation, and let's together turn your vision into a global sensation. and Dwija Fashion's collaboration illuminates the path for Indian brands seeking to navigate the complexities of global markets. It embodies the spirit of innovation, the power of strategic partnership, and the limitless potential of Indian craftsmanship. As we extend our invitation to other ambitious brands, we stand on the threshold of a new era of global success for Indian products, championed by Trendia's visionary platform and the remarkable success stories of its partners. Join us, and let's craft success stories that resonate across the world, one brand at a time.