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Expansion and Diversification: Harsh Arya's 98 Entertainment Ventures into Social Media Marketing and Podcasts!

98 Entertainment: Pioneering New Frontiers in Influencer Marketing and Podcasts!

Harsh Arya

98 Entertainment, a prominent Influencer Marketing company, celebrates its remarkable journey since its inception in 2020. Founded by the visionary Harsh Arya, the company has grown from strength to strength, carving its niche in the dynamic world of influencer marketing and Talent management. 

1. The Inception and Evolution:

In 2020, while serving as the Vice President at the college council, Harsh Arya seized an opportunity to connect with Pratima Singh, the wife of Indian cricketer Ishant Sharma. This encounter marked the beginning of 98 Entertainment. Drawing inspiration from his experiences at Georgia Tech in the United States, Harsh ventured into Sports Talent management with a passion for bringing value to brands.

2. Managing Influencers and Sports Personalities, Including Notable Personalities:

Choosing sports talent management as the focus, Harsh strategically onboarded talents, including the esteemed Indian cricketer Ishant Sharma. Harsh emphasized the importance of understanding the influencers personally, ensuring that campaigns align with their values and preferences.

3. Crafting Successful Campaigns:

Harsh shared insights into the company's approach to creating impactful influencer marketing campaigns. He highlighted a significant success story with a Creator Enablement Program in collaboration with Meta, which empowered over 40 YouTube creators from rural India, showcasing the real impact on people's lives.

4. Navigating Challenges and Maintaining Authenticity:

To maintain a positive online presence for both influencers and brands, 98 Entertainment avoids associations with creators surrounded by controversy. Harsh emphasized the importance of working with creators and brands that have already established a positive image and are in line with values of each other

5. Staying Ahead of Trends and Innovations:

The company's success is attributed to its in-house tech and proprietary software, allowing them to stay ahead of trends and efficiently manage campaigns. Harsh highlighted the significance of leveraging technology to reduce time, complexity, and human resources.

6. Future Direction and Upcoming Collaborations:

Looking forward, 98 Entertainment aims to onboard more sports personalities, targeting a goal of 10 new cricketers by the next IPL season. The company is expanding its services to offer social media marketing to cricketers and has already seen success in making Ishant Sharma's Instagram a success 

7. Diversification and Expansion:

In addition to influencer marketing, Harsh Arya is spearheading a full-scale marketing agency called THC with the owner of being life hospitality who has a successful resort & restaurant called Romeo Lane and is venturing into the podcast realm with the famous influencer Sharmaji ka Bda beta, Sanyam Sharma.

As 98 Entertainment marks its four-year milestone, the company stands as a testament to Harsh Arya's vision and dedication to delivering exceptional influencer marketing solutions. The future looks promising as the company continues to innovate and collaborate, shaping the landscape of influencer marketing in India.