Sudeep Ghosh
Sudeep Ghosh


  • Shahidul Alam: A Radical Provocateur

    Bangladeshi photojournalist, teacher and social activist Alam’s book Singed but not Burnt stands out as a universal allegory of post-modern times in resonating with contemporaneous concerns

    BY Sudeep Ghosh 27 March 2024

    Getty Images : People in Bangladesh protest demanding the release of photographer Shahidul Alam in front of National Museum in Dhaka, on November 13, 2018.
  • An Orchestra Of Oneness In Amrita Pritam’s Writings

    The forward-looking vision of Amrita Pritam is a devotee’s compelling call for a sense of self against a world where imperviousness to religious pluralism is a pervasive reality, where human consciousness muddles through in futility, and where the eternal quest for the sublime is blighted by the empty rhetoric of bloated egoism.

    BY Sudeep Ghosh 9 December 2023

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Book Review: 'The Light At The End Of The World' By Siddhartha Deb

    Deb’s tongue-in-cheek humour in dedicating the novel to ‘all ghuspetiyas everywhere’ is an endearing intimacy with humanity that foregrounds India’s vision of inclusion. It is also a satire aiming at those forces that relentlessly push Indian democracy into a black hole of power wielded by the cultish faith in majoritarianism.

    BY Sudeep Ghosh 3 September 2023

    The shadow of a window frame is cast on the carpeted floor of a mosque.