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Riva Arora On Being A Social Media Star: It Has Just Become Part Of My Life

Riva Arora, who has become a big name after being part of films like ‘Chhatriwali’ and ‘Uri’, opens up about her journey as a social media star, and what all she did in order to become an actress.

Riva Arora

Riva Arora has been one of the biggest social media stars in today’s times. She has been loved massively by her fans on various platforms. Being a social media star has definitely catapulted her to getting film offers as well. She has been part of films like ‘Chhatriwali’, ‘Uri’, etc.

Talking to Prateek Sur, Riva Arora opens up about how social media has become an inseparable part of her life. She also feels there’s a difference between being an actress and being a social media star, So, for her, it’s not just bagging film roles on the back of social media stardom. All this and lots more in a candid chat with Riva Arora. Excerpts:

You're highly popular on social media. You are more like a social media star. Has that helped you in bagging films or OTT?

If you are an actress, everything you get depends on the way you act and the way you are doing the role or how you are acting in your performance. Everything is based on your performance, not on your social media or anything. So mostly everything that I have done is based on my acting skills only.

So, you've auditioned a lot and that's how you've bagged roles?


Are there days when you don’t feel like posting anything but you have to do it out of compulsion?

No, never. In fact, some days when my mom’s not even at home, I call my friends or I call my sister. I’m like, I have to do my shoot today, as it’s an off day for me. So, I’m like, I have to shoot for Instagram.

So, you take it very seriously. Your Instagram?

Yes, because it has been a long time since I’m on social media, right? So, it has just become part of my life.

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