Tuesday, Jul 05, 2022

Just Jamming: How Armaan Malik Creates Most Of His Songs!

Singer-songwriter Armaan Malik explains how a minimalistic sound helps a song convey the emotion in a better way than a song which is packed with ‘200 tracks’

Armaan Malik on making music.
Armaan Malik on making music. Instagram

Even though he is only 27, singer-songwriter Armaan Malik has been singing, professionally speaking, for over 15 years now, and has sung across a variety of languages and genres. The secret to Malik’s longevity, and never-ending desire to keep creating music, is the fact that he lets it flow organically, rather than “sitting” down with an idea in mind”, about the nature of his next song.  

“I think best songs are made when you jam on it. At least that’s the way I do it, when I am working on my music. [For me] Process leads to the concept. I never go into the studio, or sit-down writing, thinking ‘I want to make a song on this concept’,” says Malik.  

The best example of his belief and clarity of thought is his latest single ‘You’, a soft acoustic number. Malik says the idea behind the song was to just convey “the pure emotion”, which is why he went for a “minimalistic” sound instead a song “which is packed” with different sounds.  

“Sometimes we pack up 200 tracks, and forget that the song, sometimes, is just about the emotion. It just has to be there as it is. For a long time now, I have sort of yearned for clarity, through my songs. ‘You’ just started out as an acoustic guitar riff, and that’s how I wanted to keep it, and that’s how I always envisioned, it to be like. I wanted nothing to be there in between the song and the listener, and I think, I successfully achieved it,” he says. 

The song, Malik reveals does come from a personal experience. This may not always happen necessarily, but helps nevertheless in making it better.  

“I would say I wouldn’t be able to be part like this, if I haven’t experienced love of this kind. So, it was very real for me. There are definitely say lot of emotions are there. In this case it is about that one person, you sort of always think about. It isa song that will remind you of a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter morning. It’s about that warm fuzzy feeling,” he laughs and signs off.