Saturday, May 21, 2022

Actresses Who Broke Stereotypes By Sharing Their Breastfeeding Pics

Just recently actress Evelyn Sharma shared a breastfeeding picture of hers which went viral all over. On one hand, she was trolled, but she was also praised for breaking stereotypes. Here are a few other actresses who shared similar pics earlier.

Actresses Who Broke Stereotypes By Sharing Their Breastfeeding Pics
Actresses Who Shared Pictures Of Breastfeeding Instagram

Recently, actress Evelyn Sharma, who recently gave birth to her first kid, shared a heartwarming photo of herself breastfeeding her infant little one. However, the ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ actress received a lot of flak for uploading images of herself with her baby. She hit back at the trolls during a recent interview with Hindustan Times, where she said, “Such images show vulnerability and strength at the same time. I find it beautiful. Breastfeeding is one of the most natural and healthy things to do. And it really is why women have breasts in the first place. So why be shy about it?”

Over the years, women have shared images of themselves breastfeeding in order to de-stigmatize the phenomena and demonstrate how it is not appropriate to sexualize the image. Before Evelyn Sharma, there have been many other Bollywood stars who went on to defy conventions by posting pictures of themselves breastfeeding their babies.

A few Bollywood stars became torchbearers of this movement to break the stereotype by sharing photos to inspire new mums. From actress Neha Dhupia to actress Amrita Rao, here are a few Bollywood actresses who defied preconceptions by sharing breastfeeding pics on social media:

Lisa Haydon


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Several times, the Queen actress has defied preconceptions with her Instagram posts. She has posted photos of herself breastfeeding her son Zack as well as her daughter.

Amrita Rao

The Vivah actress was photographed while nursing their kid, Veer, by her husband, RJ Anmol. As he uploaded the photo on Instagram, Anmol commented about his experience observing the mother-son combo.

Neha Dhupia


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Neha Dhupia, who has been vocal about breastfeeding, posted a photo of herself with her young boy. She released the photo during World Breastfeeding Week in 2021 and began the 'Freedom To Feed' campaign.

Shveta Salve


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Shveta Salve had posted a lovely photo of herself and her daughter Arya. She posted it during World Breastfeeding Week and accompanied it with a lengthy message. Salve stated in the description that she was afraid to publish the photograph on Instagram. She was concerned about her daughter Arya's reaction and being trolled in the future.

Celina Jaitly

Celina Jaitly had posted an old photo from a magazine shoot. She is shown in the photo cuddling her twins and breastfeeding one of them.

Amy Jackson


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Amy Jackson had shared photos of herself with her son after he was born. She'd shared a photo of herself sitting with him and breastfeeding their infant child. Jackson, on the other hand, has removed the post from her Instagram, after she was trolled massively.