Wednesday, Sep 28, 2022

‘The Most Hated Man On The Internet’ On Netflix Review: Detailed Representation Of Hunter Moore’s Wrongdoings

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4 / 5

Founder of the massively popular revenge porn website ‘Is Anyone Up?’, Hunter Moore, is brought to justice for being a ‘Professional Life Ruiner’. Netflix’s ‘The Most Hated Man On The Internet’ documents all that went into the same. Is it worth a watch? Read the full review to find out.

Hunter Moore In 'The Most Hated Man On The Internet'
Hunter Moore In 'The Most Hated Man On The Internet' Instagram


Rob Miller


Charlotte Laws, Charles Parselle, Kayla Laws, Kirra Hughes, Brian Calzini, Jeff Kirkpatrick, Mike, Camille Dodero, Destiny Benedict, Wendy Wu, James McGibney, Alex Morris, Reza Sina, Cara, Danielle

What’s The Story

Determined to remove her daughter’s photos from a revenge porn website, a persistent mother, Charlotte Laws, launches an online crusade to shut down its cruel founder, Hunter Moore. The documentary follows the story of Charlotte Laws who stood up to Hunter Moore, the self-proclaimed ‘professional life ruiner’, after naked photos of her daughter, Kayla Laws, was posted online. Will Charlotte Laws be able to take down such an influential internet sensation? Will the other victims come forward to seek justice? Will the law and order help these victims get justice? Well, you’ll have to watch the documentary to find out.

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What’s Good

Detailed Showcasing Of The Wrongdoings

Rob Miller has managed to document brilliantly everything that went into bringing down Hunter Moore, founder of the popular revenge porn website ‘Is Anyone Up?’. Miller has managed to get women who had not spoken up about the horrific incident on camera ever before. Miller’s tenacity in getting every detail correctly showcased in this documentary makes you want to watch this over and over again.

The naming of the show as ‘The Most Hated Man On The Internet’ hits the bullseye. Despite being a long name, it’s perfect and managed to grab your attention right from the name itself.

Ryan Earl Parker’s cinematography and in many instances, the recreation of what happened in the real-life scenario, are simply brilliant. He has managed to bring forth so many nuances and intricacies to an already complicated case.

Alasdair Bayne and Jules Cornell’s editing is crisp and doesn’t allow you to even yawn for a bit. It’s well-paced throughout and in they have managed to keep the docuseries confined to 3 episodes, which is applause-worthy considering the complexity of the case.

What’s Bad

Non-Showcasing Of Hunter Moore’s Perspective

Hunter Moore didn’t agree to participate in the documentary despite having been contacted. As a viewer, it would have been great to hear his side of the argument as well. Otherwise, it seems like too much of a biased opinion.


‘The Most Hated Man On The Internet’ is one of the best docuseries to have come up in recent times. It manages to show a world that not many in India were probably aware of. It gives a detailed representation of what went into bringing down Hunter Moore, the self-proclaimed ‘Professional Life Ruiner’. If you’re into docuseries’ this is surely a Must Watch. I am going with 4 stars.