February 24, 2020
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The US secretary of state seems pleased that non-use of nukes seems to be the talk of the town now. Er, but that was before Gen Musharraf's yet another interview to CNN.


Relevant excerpt from Colin Powell's press conference on June 4:

With respect to India and Pakistan, it's a situation that continues to concern us deeply. I spoke to president Musharraf over the weekend, once again encouraging him to do everything to restrain all activity and all activity across the line of control. When that takes place in a way that is obvious and demonstrable to all, then we would call upon India to take the de-escalatory steps so we can start moving in the other direction.

I'm pleased that both sides in the last several days have once again discussed the non-use of nuclear weapons and both sides realize that this is a threshold that we do not wish to see crossed. It would be absolutely horrible in the year 2002 for any nation to use nuclear weapons in a situation such as this, and I'm glad that both nations have responded in a responsible manner to that concern on the part of the international community.

Deputy Secretary Of State Armitage, I spoke to Mr. Armitage this morning. He will be heading to the region tomorrow to speak to both leaders. As you also know, both leaders are in Almaty in Kazakhstan, where they'll;ll have the opportunity to speak to President Putin of Russia and President Jiang Zemin of China and other leaders who I'm sure will express their concerns about this situation and encourage both sides to find a political solution. So we will continue with the full-court diplomatic press that we've had underway, with my Deputy going in, and then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld will be heading into the region in another week to ten days' time. After he concludes meetings in NATO and visits in the Persian Gulf, he will be going to India and Pakistan.

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