Your Shimla Tour Will Be Incomplete Without These 7 Experiences

From the treats of the old Lakkar Bazaar to the exhibits of the State Museum, the visual merriment of the Viceregal Lodge and much more, find out the best experiences to have on your Shimla tour

An aerial view of the Queen of Hills, Shimla Photo: Shutterstock

Many descriptions have deemed the quaint Queen of the Hills, Shimla, as a dreamland, something out of the world and a wintry wonderland. In his book Looking Through Glass, Mukul Kesavan calls Shimla “an invented world.” The hill station built as their summer capital by the British exudes “a mechanical manner of fantasy, where the make-believe world was a simple inversion of everyday life.” And this fantasy holds true to this day as a proper Shimla tour might reveal it to a traveller. It’s a snapshot frozen in time of bizarre urbanism where uncanny English residential areas spring out on the foothills of Himalayas; the weather, the Jacobean architecture of the Viceregal Lodge and the lush setting of the mansion come together to create an experience out of the world and transport visitors back to a different era.