Under The Tuscan Spell

Soak in Italy's art, history and wine in a region of heart-stopping beauty and grandeur - Tuscany. From medieval and renaissance architecture to wine and charming countryside, it offers a brilliant time

A villa in the Chianti wine region in Tuscany Photo: Villa Vignamaggio

On the terrace of Villa Vignamaggio, the Chianti vineyard and farm where Mona Lisa is believed to have spent her childhood summers, our host Sandro Checcucci declares that he had been drinking wine from the age of three, like everyone else in the region - "First a little wine in my water. Then a little water in my wine. And then just wine." Shocking news that would fell a paediatrician, but I barely hear him. My mind is elsewhere. I have the sobering conviction that though I have never been to this villa before, I have seen the terrace we are standing on.