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Singapore Closes Sentosa Island Beaches Due To Oil Spill

An oil spill has polluted part of Singapore's southern coastline, including the resort island of Sentosa, after a dredger boat hit a stationary cargo tanker

Photo: Maksym Kozlenko/Wiki Commons

Some concerning news has recently emerged about the pristine coastline of an island in Singapore. Oil has been spotted along the coast of several beaches, including those on Sentosa island and in East Coast Park, following an incident where a dredger struck a bunker vessel at Pasir Panjang Terminal. Reports indicate that the beachfront at East Coast Park, from area B to H, will be closed until further notice to allow for cleanup efforts, as announced by the authorities on Saturday evening (Jun 15). The oil spill took place at the outset of the Hari Raya Haji long weekend, a time when both locals and tourists were set to gather at Sentosa and other popular attractions.