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Experience Arunachal's Culture At Tikhak Homestay In Miao

Nestled in the serene hills of Miao, Bella Tikhak Namshums homestay is a delightful experience

Tikhak Homestay, Miao Photo: Karan Kaushik

Nestled in northeastern India, Arunachal Pradesh beckons adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers with its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultural tapestry. This beautiful state, known as the "Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains," offers many possibilities for an unforgettable long weekend getaway. The region is home to several communities, their isolation having given them a uniqueness in their way of life, and a hitherto unexplored cultural and natural wealth. Staying with families in their homesteads is an experience a traveller is unlikely to forget in a lifetime. One such place is the Tikhak homestay in Miao. The place serves as a gateway to the popular Namdapha National Park and also houses the Namdapha Zoo and Wildlife Museum. Here is an account of my memorable stay at Tikhak.