If one of your pet fantasies is revelling in the luxury of a five-star hotel but you are sadly thwarted by the prohibitive cost of doing so, this one’s for you. A website that tries its best to make your dream vacations a reality—at a price you choose to pay for it. Go to the homepage of Find My Stay (FMS), a reverse-bidding hotelbooking platform, and enter your travel details. Next, key in your ‘offer price’. Click on the large, green ‘Let’s bid’ icon on the right. The website’s team will then negotiate your price with hotels in the city you want to visit and offer you the best deals and discounts available. More allure: if you are somehow able to pull some strings yourself and find a better deal than the one you booked on FMS, the whole amount will be refunded. And don’t forget to share your ‘save story’ on their website. You might just get 1,500 off on your next booking.

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