We’ve got intel that Bond can now be found in a covert location snow-deep in Austria. We repeat, Austria. His hideaway, on top of the Austrian Sölden alps is not unlike a cove or a lair in a Bond movie. In fact, the extreme familiarity of this location can be owed to the fact that the very same building was the fictional Hoffler Klinik in the 2015 Daniel-Craig-starrer Spectre. Fiction turns to fact as this house inside the summit Gaislachkogl mountain is now a  thrilling museum, 007 Elements, spectacularly designed by Johann Obermoser.

007 Elements is a new cinematic installation of the Bond series that invites a look behind the curtain. While there are already other tributes to the franchisethe 007 Museum in Sweden, for examplewhat makes this one stand apart is that is its stunning location 3070 metres above sea level, and how immersive the experience is. The focus throughout the exhibit is laid on Spectre, but other movies are given their fair share of prime time as well.

'Barrel of the Guns', one of the nine display rooms at 007 Elements
‘Barrel of the Guns’, one of the nine display rooms at 007 Elements

The 1300 sq m space spreads across nine rooms, including a few rather mysteriously named such as ‘The Barrel of The Gun’, ‘Lair’, ‘Tech Lab’, ‘Legacy Gallery’, and then, a rather self-explanatory screening room.

Stunning high-tech installations can be viewed inside the 'Briefing Room'
Stunning high-tech installations can be viewed inside the ‘Briefing Room’

Walking through the waiting room and being greeted by an ominous voice as “Welcome James, what took you so long?” will only be the tip of this hair-raising experience. The museum will showcase exclusive never-shown-before films narrated by both actress Naomie Harris (Moneypenny in the film Spectre) and by Skyfall and Spectre Director Sam Mendes. Each will give insight into a different aspect of the making of the movies. A viewing gallery will give a panoramic view of the Gletscherstraße. Visitors can personally interact with the technology and props often shown in the iconic films, from gadgets to finger scanners. Apart from these, there will be high-tech installations and interactive galleries, all of which aim to bring to life the character created by Ian Fleming. 

Now if all that’s missing for you is a martini (shaken—not stirred), the neighbouring Ice Q restaurant that shares its walls with the museum will help you out with that. The museum opens doors on July 12, 2018. 

How to get there:  via the Gaislachkogl gondola 

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