9 Travel Movies and Shows You Can Watch This Weekend

Experience the joy of travelling without moving an inch with these movies and shows

9 Travel Movies and Shows You Can Watch This Weekend

While a lot of us would love to make the most of long weekends by travelling but our bank accounts often don’t agree with our grand travel plans. So, here’s an idea. Why not pack your favourite snack and drink, and park yourself in front of your TV screen to be transported to a world of unlimited entertainment?

Here’s a list of some movies and shows (all available on Netfilx) that will bring you the joy of travelling without moving an inch.

Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father


Jack Whitehall invites his stuffy, English father, Michael, to travel with him through Southeast Asia on the popular ‘gap year route’, in an attempt to strengthen their bond. While it’s interesting (and hilarious) to watch Jack and Michael bicker on where to stay what to eat, this travel documentary takes your on a journey across Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia and “participate in culture”.


If you’ve always wanted to visit New York, San Francisco, London and Rome, this is certainly the travel show for you. With a new city every episode, ‘Metropolis’ takes you through some of the most posh cities in the world, exploring their rich culture, history, sound and vibrancy.

Burn, Burn, Burn


We’ve all wanted to, and probably have had travel adventures with friends. ‘Burn, Burn, Burn’ is a story of two girls, Seph and Alex who are in their late twenties to embark on a roadtrip to spread the ashes of their best friend Dan, following his death The open land and greenery all around, will make you want to escape this construction jungle.

Under The Arctic Sky

Surfing and winters somehow feels like oil and water. In this short, surfers travel to a remote corner of Iceland in the middle of the winter to find perfect waves. A few days in, the worst storm in decades comes through, turning their trip into a life-threatening situation. Scary as it might seem, travel is all about thrills and experiences.

Somebody Feed Phil


‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ creator, Phil Rosenthal travels around the world to experience different sights and tastes. This visually appealing show will make your mouth water and make you go “I’ll have what Phil’s having!” Travel with him to Hong Kong, Barcelona, Paris, Tokyo; all this, without going through any visa interviews!

The Bucket List

In this Hollywood classic, two terminally ill patients fulfill their last wish by heading off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they bite the dust. Where have this duo travelled, you ask? EVERYWHERE. From skydiving to driving a Shelby Mustang, to eating dinner at Chevre d’or in France to visiting the Taj Mahal in India, these two have successfully managed to tick all these sights off their list.

Luxury Travel Show

Don’t have the budget for VIP treatment? ‘Luxury Travel Show’ on Netflix allows you to experience the VIP treatment at some of the world’s grandest and most posh travel destinations, from Barbados to Barcelona.

Tales by Light


A picture is worth thousand words- in this travel series, you’ll follow renowned photographers from Australia as they explore far-flung locales, capturing extraordinary images that present nature and culture in a new light.


This action packed travel series follows friends Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach around the world, chronicling their adventures, challenges they encounter, unforgettable friendships and their own personal successes. They leave their comfortable lives behind in seek of adventure to the most beautiful and remote parts of the world.