You could be forgiven for driving past Naldehra, except for a small detail: the fenced corridor that most just drive past has on the other side luscious grass and a golf net. The possibility of a golf course makes golfers stop right there, and they are duly rewarded.


The game of golf is the reason most people come to Naldehra, but fear not if handicaps and caddies aren’t your cup of tea. There’s much more to do here: long walks through pine-lined roads, lovely picnic spots and discovering old English-style cottages in the surrounding villages.

The Chalets, Naldhera in winter
The Chalets, Naldhera in winter

Golfing Heights

You’ll never get such a high teeing-off anywhere else in the world. Up here, at 6,706 ft, is another of Lord Curzon’s legacies to India: an 18-hole golf course (played twice over) that’s said to be the country’s oldest. Members of Delhi’s Golf Club clamber up here in the summer, lock, stock and golfing clubs.

Temple Town

Tucked away here is a tiny Mahunag Temple, dedicated to the snake god. That’s where Naldehra gets its name from: (maha) nag and dehra – the ‘Abode of the King of Snakes’. Lord Curzon was apparently not turned off by the notion of creepy-crawlies – the former Viceroy gave his daughter Alexandra the second name Naldera!

Fair Grounds

If you’re here in June, there’s the Sipi Fair, a festival of matchmaking. This is also about the only time when you can pick up some local woollen handicrafts.


The Chalets Naldehra (Tel: 0177-2747715; Tariff: 8,000-36,000) has lovely wooden cottages HPTDC’s Hotel Golf Glade (Tel: 2747739; Tariff: 1,800-8,500), with its log huts enjoys a pretty location.

Dine at your hotel unless rajma, dal, rice and roti are your staples.

When to go August to December (off season) Location Naldehra is 30 km north of Shimla Air Jubbarhatti, Shimla Rail Nearest rail: Kalka