Luxury Redefined: How This Firm Is Blending Opulence With Nature

Founded in 2021 and based in Bengaluru, Earthitects is a design firm pioneering a different form of architecture in the 21st century—one that respects the local ecology of a place and incorporates it into their design processes

Estate Plavu in Wayanad is one of 13 stone lodges on a 13-acre site Photo: Courtesy of Earthitects

The world is embarking on a new way of living and working that is kinder to the planet and all life on it. This extends to how we design and construct buildings. Bengaluru-based design firm Earthitects was founded in 2021 to embody an ecologically-conscious design philosophy centred on respecting the land upon which they build. Helmed by George E. Ramapuram, the company’s principal architect and managing director, they approach each project with a view to prioritising environmental sustainability and harmony with nature. This means working with the natural environment, considering the impact of design choices on ecosystems, and using sustainable and age-appropriate materials.