Keeladi: Etched In Time

Located in Tamil Nadu, Keeladi is known for its rich history. Excavations along the Vaigai River have uncovered thousands of rare artifacts. The Keeladi Museum, which opened in March 2023, is an impressive repository of these fascinating finds

A vast collection of extraordinary artefacts discovered during archaeological excavations is housed at the Keeladi Museum

Tracing historical routes often finds a place on the bucket lists of curious travellers. They do this by exploring archaeological sites, which offer a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of ancient civilisations and discover what remains of former societies. One such fascinating site is Keeladi, a charming village in the Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu, around 13km from Madurai. Here, you will discover evidence of Keeladi's storied past, which the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has unearthed through various excavations along the Vaigai River. These large-scale excavations offer a glimpse into the ancient culture of the Tamil people, making Keeladi a must-visit destination for anyone seeking to uncover India's rich history.