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In The Lap Of Nature: The Best Homestays In Kodaikanal

From the properties resting in the lush landscape near Kodai Lake to the ones with a distinct architectural history, find out the best homestays in Kodaikanal to make your trip memorable

A view of the Kodai Lake Photo: Shutterstock

Kodaikanal, a quaint hill station in Tamil Nadu, is situated in the picturesque Palani Hills in the UNESCO site of the Western Ghats. The hill station attracts tourists with its old-world charm rendered in its hills and mountains, wildlife, lakes, parks, old houses and more. In your pursuit to explore the unique charming treats of Kodaikanal, you can chooose to lodge in a homestay which can always bring your closer to the local folks and give you a chance to learn about their culture and traditions. Choosing homestays is also smart travelling as it adds to the local businesses and ensures a lower carbon footprint. Check out these top homestays which you can book for a wholesome exploration in Kodaikanal.