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Green Tips: 8 Ways To Backpack Responsibly In The Mountains

Humans can damage fragile ecosystems if we are not careful. Practising Leave No Trace (LNT) principles can limit our impact and help the outdoors thrive

Wherever you are outdoors, it is extremely important to practise Leave No Trace (LNT) principles that protect the living world and minimise the damage humans can do Photo: Flickr: Treks Himalaya

Imagine you're undertaking a trek in a pristine part of the country. Along the way you drop two toffee wrappers, your partner leaves a piece of toilet paper on the trail, your guide sets up a campfire each night and your kids collect a small fossil or rock each. Now suppose that this trail attracts hundreds of small groups every year that behave in exactly the same manner as your own. If you returned to the trail at the end of every decade, would you find the environs to be just as pristine?