OT Travel Itinerary: Explore Germany Like Never Before

From its many great cities to fabulous restaurants, hotels and more, here's our quick guide

Aerial view of Cologne, Germany Photo: Shutterstock

In Germany, everything is on the more extreme end of the spectrum—the Autobahn highway system has no speed limit, beer is celebrated so much that there is a half-month-long beer festival, and sausages are good and plentiful with over 1,500 varieties. But that's not all! Germany has had and continues to produce some of the greatest music stars from—Sebastian Bach to Rammstein (metal) to Zedd (EDM). And that's before we consider the over 20,000 castles, with their diverse medieval architectural styles and beautiful locations, that are a treat for anyone inclined towards history. This European country is great for any traveller - read our many destination features on Germany if you doubt that and is blessed with good weather, a rich cultural history, unique metropolises, iconic food, and stunning natural beauty.