For Harsh Man Of 'Helmet Stories,' Motorcycling Is A Way Of Life

Under Helmet Stories, Rai takes bike travellers on adventure rides along the breadth of the Himalayas, from Arunachal Pradesh, Nepal and Himachal Pradesh to Ladakh and Zanskar. Here's more about his journey

Harsh Man Rai Photo: harshmanrai/Instagram

For Harsh Man Rai, motorcycling is the celebration of living. It is his guiding force to meeting new people, catching up with old friends and defining existence through tales of adventure. In 2008, Rai started chronicling bike expeditions with his friend Vir Nakai. With Ladakh as the starting point, the duo extensively captured the rugged terrain and shared their experience on their blog. The experiential snippets caught the eye of bike enthusiasts, who expressed their willingness to join them on the thrilling sprees, marking the advent of "Helmet Stories."