It’s been 10 years since Ravinder Singh’s debut novel ‘I too had a love story’ was published and became an instant best-seller.  “I find solace in the fact that I have been able to transform the lowest low of my life into my highest high. Beyond all the accolades I have received and the success of this book, I go back to that moment when I hear my inner calling to write this book. I am so glad that I worked on it,” he said. Penguin Random House India has come out with an illustrated 10th anniversary edition.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Ravinder recommends his top-five romantic destinations around the world:



“It’s beautiful, it’s cozy and in the back of your mind you always know you are surrounded by water on all sides. Love confined to an island is a lot of love. The pristine Radha Nagar beach with the cliff on your left and sun, sea and sand to its right is an amazing place to hold the hands of your beloved and watch the sun set in the western horizon. Explore the island on a two-wheeler and let love kindle over a joy ride when one of you would hold other in the circle of his/her arms. Go kayaking and experience the mangroves closer!” 



“The beautiful white and blue Santorini and Mykonos don’t have a parallel. It’s a world apart. Go there for its breathtaking landscape. Even the ferry rides from Athens to these islands are romantic. Walk on to the deck and see the islands you pass by.  Enjoy the Mediterranean food, along with the in house wines at most of the restaurants in Greece. Talk a walk in the Mykonos town and rent a car in Santorini. The sunset at Oia is not to be missed, after all this is the most clicked view of Greece. Explore the wine yards together” 



“Chances are you may fall in love with Kerala even before your plane lands in Kochi. The place is densely green and is visible from up above in the air. The best part of being in state is you get the best of and hill stations and backwaters. Spend a few days among the tall trees and tea estates of Munnar. Spend a night on one of the Alappuzha houseboats. As a couple, disconnected from rest of the world, you two get to experience the silence of the night in the vastness of the lake” 



“Scotland is greener than green. It is a gorgeous country. If you find England beautiful and go to Scotland from England, by road or train, you would make out the difference between beautiful and more beautiful. It’s quite an adventure to hold hands of your beloved and walk into the stony castles or look at those stunning lochs where you will drive down to, once you are in Scotland”



“Talking of romantic destinations, one can never miss the city of love. This particular city would offer royal treatments for couples in love, especially the ones on their honeymoon. The city is full of some of the great views and the benchmark centre of it all is the Eiffel tower. Love is literally in the air – Paris is one city which celebrates public display of affection. Which other city in the world is known for its kissing spots? There are people who would even guide you to them!” 

Ravinder’s sixth book ‘Will you still love me?’ is due on this Valentine’s Day. The book is a love story between two very different people from two different geographies of India.


Photographs: Shutterstock