Have you ever wondered what Nepal has in store for you besides its breathtakingly beautiful scenic landscape? There’s much more to the country than trekking, camping and climbing hills. You can now expect to be enthralled by the mouthwatering trails Nepal leaves for you to follow. Map your way to this land of culinary surprises and experience the true Nepal through its cuisine. ‘Experience Nepal: Cuisine and Culture’ is an initiative which was recently launched by the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) attracting tourists with its promising mission to place Nepal on a global platform by investing in its culinary resources. With its vast variety of food and a versatile street food culture, the country has had a history of surprising its visitors with its food walks and food tours. Groups like the ‘Backstreet Academy’ have been luring tourists to indulge in the most authentic and unique experiences through various hospitality initiatives which also include cooking lessons and ‘secret food tours’ across Nepal. That being said, the new mission of the NTB rests on the rich culinary culture that this magical land has stored, inculcated and added through the years. From sharing recipes and menus, encouraging local food tasting events to establish Nepalese restaurants internationally to promote tourism, Nepal is now all set to catch the limelight at an individual and corporate level. This campaign to globalise Nepali cuisine has gained the support of Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) to connect tourism with some soul. 

These scrumptious delicacies like Sandheko, Piro Aaloo, Chhoyla, Momos, Sisnu Jhol, are among the many that have always spiced it up, made us drool and wipe away wet, hot tears. 

Head to this Himalayan region and awaken all your senses with the smell, sight, touch, taste and sound of local delights!

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Visit http://experiencenepal.welcomenepal.com/ for more information about their mission 

For the foodie searching for a local experience, visit  https://www.backstreetacademy.com/47923/things-to-do-in-kathmandu