Experiencing Wild Luxury At Bandhav Vilas In Madhya Pradesh

At Bandhav Vilas, you get a mix of tradition, nature and luxury that will leave you spoilt for choice

The courtyard at Bandhav Vilas Photo: Bandhav Vilas

It was past 10 pm when I finally arrived at Bandhav Vilas after a long drive from Kanha National Park's Mukki Zone. The journey, though tiring, had left in my mind, an image of vast tracts of uninhabited land, long endless winding road and forest in its fall glory. The entrance to the resort looked promising the ornate gate threw at me hints of luxury I was minutes away from. My host at Bandhav Vilas, after a brief moment of greeting, escorted me to my villa. "We don't have rooms here at Bandhav Vilas, we have villas." Once in a while a woman deserves her own villa, approved my inner voice.