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Best Bites: Top Places To Visit In Mangalore If You're A Foodie

From succulent and spicy ghee roasts to crispy and sweet Mangalore buns, this coastal town has a lot to offer if you have a big appetite. If you are up for the challenger, here's our list of best places to visit in Mangalore

Mangalore Buns at The Balli Shop is considered to be the city's best Photo: the_emotionalfoodie/Instagram

Given that Mangalore is located along the coastal belt of Karnataka, it is an understatement to say that you will taste some of the finest seafood preparations in the country here. But it is not just the only reason why this coastal town deserves a discerning foodies full attention. As a bustling port town and a part of the Madras Presidency once upon a time, Mangalore's culinary culture possesses a distinct character, having been shaped by diverse influences—from the British and Portuguese to the Tuluvas and Konkanis. Add to that the influx of spices from the Far East and Middle East, and you will begin to see the different veins running through all the dishes that are considered authentically "Mangalorean." It is only here that you will taste the best sukka, goli baje and rawa fish fry within a radius of only a few kilometres, as long as you know just the right places to go. And for that, check out our list of best places to visit in Mangalore: