Q: I am travelling to Washington DC with my parents and seven-year-old daughter to attend my sister’s convocation in May 2017. We will have two weeks for sightseeing, with Washington DC as the base. Apart from visiting DC’s museums and monuments, Boston, New York and the ubiquitous Niagara Falls tour what else can we do within reach of DC? My daughter really wants to visit Disney World in Florida, but can I fit in a two-day trip, including travel? It would break her heart if I didn’t!

Marco Says: You have two weeks, want to explore Washington DC, as well as visit New York City, Boston, Niagara Falls and Orlando? No time for anything more! Here’s why: DC to NYC is a 3hr30min bus ride away. NYC to Boston another 3hr 30min by road. Boston to Buffalo (for the USA side of the Niagara Falls) is an hour-and-a-half by air. Buffalo to Orlando (for Disney World) is a 2hr30min flight. And return to Washington DC a 2hr15min flight. That’s a lot of travelling in two weeks, especially if you have elderly parents and a young child in tow. If you don’t want to “break your daughter’s heart”, I suggest that you prune your ambitious plan. Throw out one destination; which one is to be sacrificed depends on your inclinations. For instance, if natural wonders are your thing rather than cities, remove Boston from your itinerary, or if you have strong feelings about visiting Boston, don’t attempt Niagara Falls. I’m treating DC, NYC and Orlando as must-dos for you. Add only one more destination—if you must!