Art-Lover's Guide To Berlin: Top Galleries, Street Art & Museums

Searching for an offbeat experience in Berlin? See it from an artist's lens! With over a hundred museums and galleries and vibrant street art sprinkled throughout the city, discover what this happening capital is all about through art

the East Side Gallery, a famous stretch of the former Berlin Wall Photo: philip koschel

The ever-happening capital of Germany has been a top destination among keen travellers for many reasons, be it its regal historical monuments that house fascinating stories of the region's dynamic past to unparalleled natural wonders. But in addition to those, if you incline to art—whether contemporary or classic—Berlin takes the prize again with its innumerable museums, galleries, and wealth of vibrant street art. 

On the first Sunday of every month, around 60 museums throughout the city allow visitors to explore Berlin's diverse cultural heritage free of charge. From the impressive Museum Island to the intriguing exhibits at the Jewish Museum and the stunning artworks showcased at the Gemäldegalerie, there's something to enchant every art enthusiast's mind.