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All About The 7,000-Year-Old Settlement Unearthed In Serbia

Archaeological findings unearthed artefacts flourishing between 5400 and 4400 BCE, with traces of the Banat culture

7000-Year-Old Settlement In Serbia/Representational Photo: krugloff / Shutterstock

In the northeastern region of Serbia, located near the Tamiš River, lies a newfound marvel—a sprawling Late Neolithic settlement, its secrets unveiled by the efforts of the ROOTS Cluster of Excellence team. Located near Jarkovac village in Vojvodina, the remnants of this ancient civilisation are spread across an impressive expanse of 11 to 13 hectares, encircled by four to six imposing ditches.

"This discovery is of outstanding importance, as hardly any larger Late Neolithic settlements are known in the Serbian Banat region," says team leader Professor Dr Martin Furholt from the Institute of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology at Kiel University.