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The Indian Subcontinent – A Cradle Of Aquaculture

Sep 28, 2021 Tarun Shridhar

Aquaculture is a traditional activity in Southern Asia Region, particularly the Indian subcontinent. The earliest examples of aquaculture were raising fish in homestead ponds primarily for family consumption.

Pastoralists, Original Livestock Keepers Of Civilisation, Pushed To Margins

Aug 22, 2021 Tarun Shridhar

The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that's the essence of inhumanity (from the play ‘The Devil’s Disciple‘ by George Bernard Shaw)

Organic Farming For Sustainable Agriculture And Food Systems In India

Use of sustainable farming practices has rejuvenated soil fertility, increased water retention and has led to growing of healthy foods

Ornamental Fishery: Could Farmers Reap Gold?

Jul 06, 2021 Tarun Shridhar

Platinum Arowana, a freshwater ornamental fish, holds the record for selling at US$ 4,00,000. Yes, four lakh dollars for just one small animal!

Most Effective Houseplant To Reduce ‘Carbon Footprint’?

An experiment was conducted to find how effective are certain houseplants at taking in carbon dioxide and cleaning our air.

20 February, 2021

Rhizome With Health Benefits; Growing Ginger In Kitchen Garden

Outlook Web Bureau

Apart from its use in food, Rhizome is an integral part in the manufacture of essential oils, essence, soda, and other beverages.

21 January, 2021

5 Tips To Start Your Terrace Garden

Sanjeev Chowdhury

Here are a few tips collected from experts which will help you to ‘discover’ your ‘green thumb’.

16 January, 2021

Avian Flu In India: What Should You Do To Stay Safe?

Dr Kirti Sabnis

For starters, make sure to cook poultry products at or above 70 degrees Celsius, so that absolutely no meat remains raw and red

12 January, 2021

Supreme Court Bats, Government Fields, Farmers Stumped

Puneet Nicholas Yadav

The court has effectively given the government two full months to firm up a parallel strategy. The farmers clearly see this “helping hand” for what it is, and have thus sought to evade it.

08 January, 2021

MSP Is Only One Cog In The Wheel To Changing Farmers’ Fortune

Nishant Jain

The MSP is a very delicate instrument. On one hand, it is known that it enables farmers to take production decisions in advance. It also allows the government to keep the prices under check.

07 January, 2021

This Is How The Farm Impasse Can Be Broken: Take A Vote

Suman K Jha

Instead of consulting just farm unions, it would make sense to do an actual poll of the country’s farming community on the three contentious laws.


15 December, 2020

How To Resolve The Farmers’ Crisis: Competition, Not Laws

Badshah sen

MSPs provide some sort of support to the farmers. Give them an alternative and they will naturally opt for that.

14 December, 2020

Anna Hazare Warns Centre Of Hunger Strike Over New Farm Laws


Hazare's demands include granting autonomy to the CAPC and implementing Swaminathan Commission recommendations

14 December, 2020

Agri Laws Are 'Anti-Farmer', Will Lead To Immense Inflation: Arvind Kejriwal


Kejriwal said that AAP stands in solidarity with the farmers who started their day-long hunger strike on Monday

13 December, 2020

Farmers' Protest: Tomar Targets Opposition, Says It Has Become Its Nature To Oppose


Farmers may face difficulty in the short run but in the long run the reforms will prove beneficial, says agriculture minister.

09 December, 2020

Farmers’ Bharat Bandh, Befitting Reply To Centre’s Policy Of Anarchy: Shiv Sena


The Shiv Sena accused the BJP of deliberately creating unrest in the country

09 December, 2020

Opposition Misguiding Farmers, New Laws Not Related To MSP: Agriculture Minister Tomar

Prashant Srivastava

Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar speaks to Outlook about the contentious farm laws and the road ahead.


09 December, 2020

Farmers Are United, Nothing Short Of Repealing New Farm Laws Acceptable: Hannan Mollah

Preetha Nair

Farmer leader Hannan Mollah says the farmer unions will be meeting at the Singhu border in Delhi today and decide the future course of action.

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Bollywood actress Ananya Pandey arrives at the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) office in Mumbai.

PTI Photo/Kunal Patil

BJP workers celebrate the birthday of Union Home Minister and BJP leader Amit Shah, in Bhopal.

PTI Photo

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi with Gujarat PCC leaders during a meeting, in New Delhi.

PTI Photo

President Ram Nath Kovind and First Lady Savita Kovind being presented a memento by Bihar Minister Shahnawaz Hussain during their visit to Khadi Mall in Patna.

PTI Photo

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi with Gujarat PCC leaders during a meeting, in New Delhi.

PTI Photo

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