Nepal Border With Uttar Pradesh To Be Sealed For 48 Hours For Polls In Maharajganj

From May 2, the borders of Nepal from Maharajganj in Uttar Pradesh will be sealed for 48 hours due to the urban local polls being held in two phases.

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India's border with Nepal will be sealed on Tuesday for 48 hours before urban local body polls here, to prevent anti-social elements from crossing the boundary and vitiating the election atmosphere, officials here said on Monday.

The movement at transit points will be stopped on Tuesday evening and remain shut till Thursday evening, they said.

Urban local body elections in Uttar Pradesh will be held in two phases -- on May 4 and May 11. The votes will be counted on May 13. Maharajganj will go to the polls during the first phase of elections on Thursday. 

"The Sashastra Seema Bal will enforce the sealing. Only emergency vehicles will be allowed across during this period," District Electoral Officer  Satendra Kumar told reporters.

The decision to seal the border was taken during a recent meeting of officials of both countries, he said.

He said traffic movement was banned on the Indo-Nepal border and security personnel were maintaining round-the-clock vigil.

Paramilitary, civil police and intelligence personnel are also keeping a close watch on activities along the border, the official said.

Uttar Pradesh shares an 84-kilometre-long open International Border with Nepal.

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