Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Viral Village: It's an explosion of creativity and talent in India's digital hinterland. It also pays.

Issue Date : 04 April 2022


Balle-Balle In Balia: Shining Stars Of Bihar’s Hinterland

Tiny district block Baliapur is witnessing a spurt of successful YouTubers


Reporter's Diary: Lockdown Tales From A Journalist’s Notebook

It has been two years since Lockdown 1.0. As the prime minister urged people to stay home, a lot of emptiness was poured into the streets suddenly. But what about the homeless? Outlook Editor Chinki Sinha recounts the horror


Otto’s Dilemma: A Short Story From Goa

The short story by Mayabhushan Nagvenkar, a writer and journalist based in Goa, is part of an unpublished collection titled Anjuna Tales


Arcadian Voice: Finding Hidden And Neglected Stories In Telangana And Andhra Pradesh

Once a cartoonist and editor, Shyam Mohan has dedicated his life to a YouTube channel that brings forth issues and acheivements from tribal and Dalit villages of the twin southern states


Star Power: How Bollywood Star Lookalikes Are Seeking Their Place Under The Sun

Former TikTok stars from rural India are struggling to get noticed on a more elitist Instagram Reels


Theatre Of The Absurd: Reeling In The Droll

Ennui and anxiety seem to excite Gen Z’s obsession with droll videos of people doing ‘meaningless’ things


Cinema Paradiso: A Village Of Viral Movie Stars In Tamil Nadu

By the Kaveri river in central Tamil Nadu, entire population wakes up every day dreaming of cinematic stardom


Bihari Swag: How Youngsters Are Building Careers On YouTube

In a state where unemployment is widespread, young men and women are striking gold through content creation


Punjabi Tadka: Vlogging Their Way To Success

Aspirational vloggers are banking on nostalgia to reap dividends while treading desired career paths


Life, Laugh, Like: The Kashmiri Stand-Ups In Viral Acts

For the scarred Valley, humour has turned out to be the best medicine; the perfect balm for the bruised body and soul.


Love: Man, Women And A Viral Story

Maharashtra tribal man and his two wives find stardom in dancing to Bollywood hits


Dateline Bastar: Reporting The Truth From Maoist Zone

Local reporters with an ear to the ground are bringing authentic stories from the Maoist-affected region, holding truth to power and giving a voice to the Adivasis