Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021
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Cover Story

War Of Angry Birds

Social media dissent is now global—an uncomfortable fact for a government that executes its command and control through this toolkit.

Jyotika Sood, Lola Nayar, Lachmi Deb Roy
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February 22, 2021

Cover Story

  • Interview

    "Nothing Wrong In Rihanna Or Greta..."

    The Caravan magazine’s executive editor Vinod K. Jose tells Outlook how the social media scene, journalists and the government are panning...

    February 22, 2021 | Jyotika Sood
  • Opinion

    Made Of Tendentious Tripe

    Protest is democratic, and opinion free…but what does this global coalition of celeb voices have to do with us? Including a Canadian PM...

    February 22, 2021 | Advaita Kala
  • Opinion

    Rules Of The Game

    Compare the Trump ban, and India’s Twitter suspensions. It’s clear that social media has only one politics: profit. That’s not enough. It’s time...

    February 22, 2021 | Chandan K Jha, Sudipta Sarangi
    • Politics

      Weapon Of Mass Seduction

      BJP was the first to harness the power of digital media for electoral gains. Other parties are playing catch up, slowly.

      February 22, 2021 | Bhavna Vij-Aurora
    • Diplomacy

      Bird’s Eye Stew

      Instead of hitting out wildly, the Modi regime should have reacted cannily to criticism on social media—platforms it has used to its own...

      February 22, 2021 | Seema Guha
    • Data Protection

      Chat Up Privacy

      Others cash in on fears over WhatsApp’s policy, but a fug of doubt lingers over data protection

      February 22, 2021 | Ajay Sukumaran



The Condammed Space

The Chamoli carnage is a repeat reminder of perils springing from man’s attempts to alter the natural flow of things in a fragile land

February 22, 2021 | Chetan Mahajan
  • Politics/Tamil Nadu

    Symbols In Sasi Cause And Effect

    Sasikala’s re-entry could upset the AIADMK’s well-laid plans

    February 22, 2021 | G.C. Shekhar
  • J&k/internet

    Blocked Artery Declogged

    4G after 18 months brings cheer, but no assurance that it won’t be snapped again

    February 22, 2021 | Naseer Ganai
  • Sabarimala/Faith Politics

    Hand Stand On Temple Hill

    Congress plays Hindu card, proposing a law to punish ­those who violate the Lord Ayyappa temple’s ‘age-old traditions’

    February 22, 2021 | Preetha Nair
    • Opinion

      Rustics Reject Serfdom

      Agrarian India has raised an existential issue. Let’s address it.

      February 22, 2021 | Manish Tiwari
    • Politics/Farm Unrest

      Farming An Agitation

      As farmers dig in against three new farm laws, opposition parties see a chink in the BJP’s armour. Can they pierce it?

      February 22, 2021 | Puneet Nicholas Yadav
    • Interview

      ‘Modi Is Pouring Fat Into Fire’

      Rashtriya Lok Dal leader Jayant Chaudhary speaks to Outlook on what the farmers’ protests mean, politically and socially

      February 22, 2021 | Puneet Nicholas Yadav



Sans Frontiers

Headlines from around the world last week

February 22, 2021

Foreign Hand

Water horses run away from a drug lord’s secret, abandoned...

February 22, 2021


  • Snapshot

    Past Tense In Present

    The high-ceilinged Patna Collectorate, which featured in Gandhi, was saved by the SC in the...

    February 22, 2021 | Outlook Bureau
  • Snapshot

    Patience, Son!

    'Why do you guys want to create confusion? I am fit to rule for the next 10 years….' That’s KCR, the...

    February 22, 2021 | M.S. Shanker
  • COVID-19

    Vexed Over Vax

    Salaries are getting docked for dodging the Covid-19 vaccine in Odisha! Rather, Cuttack. It has...

    February 22, 2021 | Sandeep Sahu
  • Poliglot

    Mixed Shots

    Passing through: A chuckle here, a teardrop there.

    February 22, 2021



In case you missed it: News and newsmakers from India over the past week

February 22, 2021

The Native Returns

The BJP could be ­hoping to reset its equation with ­Nitish in Bihar’s ruling alliance.

February 22, 2021 | Giridhar Jha



Captain Pumpkin And His Papayas

MS Dhoni’s new passion is organic farming. Fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy produce from his farm are making a mark.

February 22, 2021 | Navin Mishra

Arts & Entertainment


‘Rejection Doesn’t Define You And Success Is Not Permanent’

Actor Manoj Bajpayee talks about The Family Man 2 and describes his journey in the industry as an absolute rollercoaster ride

February 22, 2021 | Lachmi Deb Roy


Book Review

Tussle Over A Soul

India’s Constitution is being scrutinised, its fundamental principles challenged, like never before. These books represent the two dominant, opposing stands.

February 22, 2021 | Aakash Singh Rathore


India Tour Diary

For a British-Asian with roots in Punjab, playing in India is doubly special. It gets you out twice…as Bishan Bedi famously said of a stumping wicket I took!

February 22, 2021 | Monty Panesar



Published Feedback From Our Readers: Rants, Raves, Bouquets, Brickbats

February 22, 2021