Saturday, Sep 25, 2021
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The Loan Apps Sharknado

Fly-by-night micro-lenders offering instant credit leave people in financial ruin, push many to suicide, and pose national security risks.

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February 08, 2021

Cover Story


Credit Is Feed For Bigger Fish

App-based loans fill a vaccum left by banks hit by mergers, lacking in technology and erosion of one-to-one relations, leaving the common man’s cash needs unmet.

February 08, 2021 | Lola Nayar


  • Bengal/BJP-TMC

    In His Mantle Lies A Political Gold Mine

    A few ‘Jai Shri Rams’, an incensed Mamata, a charged-up Modi, the mud-slinging aftermath and the turf war over using Netaji

    February 08, 2021 | Snigdhendu Bhattacharya
  • Opinion

    Dystopia In Delhi

    The 2020 carnage in the national capital mirrors the majority’s idea of might is right; pliant police and media turned the victims into attackers

    February 08, 2021 | Mehmood Pracha
  • R-Day/Farm Protests

    Space For All On This Flagpole

    The cohesive farmers’ protests are traduced by the chaotic violence on January 26. But those who led men astray cannot really stand for...

    February 08, 2021 | Bhavna Vij-Aurora


  • Foreign/US-China

    Joe Catches The Beijing Pings

    The one tough foreign policy challenge staring President Biden in the eye is to counter China’s overweening ambition under Xi Jinping

    February 08, 2021 | Seema Guha
  • Sans Frontiers

    Headlines from around the world last week

    February 08, 2021
  • What The Boogaloo Bois Wear

    The American far right, a roiling spirit that seems to want to overthrow the state with a second civil war, has a most unlikely attire: Aloha, the Hawaiian symbol of love.

    February 08, 2021


Deep Dive/Education

EdTech Boom In The Time of Pandemic

COVID-19 has fast-tracked India’s transition to online learning, but the yawning digital divide must be bridged for it to work effectively

February 08, 2021 | Ajit Kumar Jha
Deep Dive/Education

The Universe’s Nest

Low enrolment ratio, high graduate unemployment and declining standards pose major challenges to India’s surging higher education sector

February 08, 2021 | Ajit Kumar Jha


  • Snapshot

    Weapon Of Choice

    What’s happening in Tamil Nadu? Even the rationalists are wielding the Vel—Lord Murugan’s spear...

    February 08, 2021 | G.C. Shekhar
  • Snapshot

    The Forced Walkabout

    Odisha’s Adivasis are usually peaceable folks. But angered by official apathy to human-elephant...

    February 08, 2021 | Sandeep Sahu
  • Dilip Chhabria

    Ever Wondered Why Taarzan...

    The story of Dilip Chhabria—the car designer whose souped-up styling had the affections of the Bollywood...

    February 08, 2021 | Outlook Bureau
  • Poliglot

    Mixed Shots

    Passing through: A chuckle here, a teardrop there.

    February 08, 2021


Online Games

No Dice, All Bets Are Off

Online gaming is in a regulatory limbo due to continuing uncertainty over the roles of skill and chance.

February 08, 2021 | Soumitra Bose



In case you missed it: News and newsmakers from India over the past week

February 08, 2021

Later, They Decided

You’ve heard of leaderless movements. The Congress has invented a variation: the leaderless party. A new prez will come by June...

February 08, 2021 | Puneet Nicholas Yadav

Arts & Entertainment


Book Review

Bellyful Of Low Thumps

The tale of how the irrepressible Bullet chewed up Indian streets

February 08, 2021 | A. Nathan


Evolution Diary

A fascinating, long-running soap…. Can you track 800 generations in front of your eyes? You need fruit flies—the go-to organism...

February 08, 2021 | Amitabh Joshi



Published Feedback From Our Readers: Rants, Raves, Bouquets, Brickbats

February 08, 2021