August 05, 2021

Sunil Mehra

  • Delhi Diary: Being Sadia Dehlvi
    Delhi Diary: Being Sadia Dehlvi

    Sunil Mehra reminisces on a Delhi that once was and its gentle, Sufi sultana. A requiem for a friend turns...

  • Sedate Ripple On Walden Pond
    Sedate Ripple On Walden Pond

    Stories spanning centuries and issues that burn lives as in a wildfire—for all that Hariharan’s rasping...

  • Section 377: It’s Still A Long Road Ahead
    Section 377: It’s Still A Long Road Ahead

    When a right is decriminalised, the most vulnerable feel the change the most

  • Dream Of The Mirrors
    Dream Of The Mirrors

    Two artists mix colours and styles within the framework of the miniature

  • Some Lives Are Thrillers
    Some Lives Are Thrillers

    Forsyth’s real life story is more thrilling than any yarn he ever spun for us!

  • Travels To Other Dawns
    Travels To Other Dawns

    Illuminates history, offers fresh perspective, pares the onion that is a place to reveal its quintessence.

  • Lioness In Trafalgar Square
    Lioness In Trafalgar Square

    Reared as English nobility, Sophia Duleep Singh was fiery suffragette, social worker and Indian nationalist

  • The Case Of The Man Who Died Laughing
    The Case Of The Man Who Died Laughing

    Quirky, bright and eccentric, Indian Poirot Vish Puri finds it as hard to pass up a “good murder” as go...

  • Black Nothing
    Black Nothing

    What were these writers trying to do? Write third-rate whodunits? Or evoke the spirit of a city?

  • Love: An Advance Screening
    Love: An Advance Screening

    Proof of the supple dignity of Amrita-Imroz’s shared life

  • For A Laugh
    For A Laugh

    Never pat. Never formulaic. Always engaging. Promising debut and look forward for more from this writer with...

  • Fags' End
    Fags' End

    At last a voice given to all those who were miserable at school.

  • Close On Heels
    Close On Heels

    Quite like Indian fashion today. Full of promise. Mostly unrealised.

  • Real Men Wear Pink
    Real Men Wear Pink

    He may look suave, urbane. But peel off the aloe vera mask and you find the same old braggadocio,...

  • Can't Skirt The Issue
    Can't Skirt The Issue

    They didn't know the hemlines from necklines it's all hip and businesslike. Even in the...

  • Speaking Volumes
    Speaking Volumes

    Managing to compress a saga spanning 3,500 years, offers a panoramic overview of the Zoroastrian people.

  • Strung Along
    Strung Along

    A small-town boy's trajectory to celebrityhood.

  • Exquisite Scalpel
    Exquisite Scalpel

    Mixes political comment with searing emotional intensity

  • No Yin For This Yang
    No Yin For This Yang

    Angsty, but not guilt-ridden. No-holds-barred gay writing.

  • Up, Up Or Away?
    Up, Up Or Away?

    An expert panel rejects a proposal to convert Delhi's urban green areas into commercial real estate

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