July 26, 2021

Bishwadeep Moitra

  • Yes, No, And Wow!
    Yes, No, And Wow!

    First there came the graphic designer, before his digital superannuation. Rampant miscegenation will now...

  • Lakshman Jhula Diary
    Lakshman Jhula Diary

    A photographer's diary on his visit to Rishikesh during the month of Saawan, the month of Shiva.

  • Who Stole My Data?
    Who Stole My Data?

    A netizen’s exasperating encounters with wifi ‘plans’

  • A Letter To The Reader
    A Letter To The Reader

    It's not us, it's you...

  • Chania Diary
    Chania Diary

    No one knows if this Greek tragedy is the doing of a failed nation, a failed currency or a failed Union.

  • To Keep The Core Still
    To Keep The Core Still

    World Yoga Day is here, a look at how the world took to asanas

  • Some Serious Fun
    Some Serious Fun

    For about two months before Outlook was launched, like the editor himself, all we did was lunch.

  • In Exodus...
    In Exodus...

    Though I am Bengali, when asked about my antecedents, I reply unhesitatingly that I am from UP...

  • The Design Element
    The Design Element

    Brand Modi was painstakingly designed, concentrating hugely on creating a powerful visual personality.

  • Into The Very Tempest
    Into The Very Tempest

    Trying to determine whether it’s a Modi aandhi or just plain loo

  • Goa Diary
    Goa Diary

    India’s best-known destination suffers from complete neglect in basic sanitation and cleanliness.

  • The Soul’s Aarohan
    The Soul’s Aarohan

    Maihar Devi Temple: In the heart of India, the goddess of learning is the presiding deity

  • Take A Breath
    Take A Breath

    Goenkaji’s Vipassana course stressed on the search for the atman

  • His Star Grounded
    His Star Grounded

    He was not aspiring to be Balraj Sahni. He was a superstar and he wanted to be accorded his rightful place.

  • Goodbye, Papa Rock
    Goodbye, Papa Rock

    Amit Saigal (6 July 1965 – 5 January 2012), the founder of Rock Street Journal, died by drowning while...

  • Looking For An Upgrade
    Looking For An Upgrade

  • Song Of The Street
    Song Of The Street

    Before 'Slumdog' Azharuddin Ismail, there was Shafique of Salaam Bombay. And at the New Delhi station, at any...

  • Beyond Worship
    Beyond Worship

    The life of a Bengali family revolves around Durga pujo -- the four days between Mahalaya -- Ma Durga's...

  • Footloose

    The car in Delhi that has big metal bumpers in front and the rear, will also be the car that will blind you...

  • Aniruddha Bahal
    Aniruddha Bahal

    The editor of Cobrapost drops into the persona of Tony B for a farcical chat show on Channel V

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