Bishwadeep Moitra
Bishwadeep Moitra


  • Goodbye, Papa Rock

    Amit Saigal (6 July 1965 – 5 January 2012), the founder of Rock Street Journal, died by drowning while swimming with friends in Goa. A childhood friend pays tribute to a true rockstar

    BY Bishwadeep Moitra 9 January 2012

    Goodbye, Papa Rock
  • Song Of The Street

    Before 'Slumdog' Azharuddin Ismail, there was Shafique of Salaam Bombay. And at the New Delhi station, at any given point, there are some 2,500 runaway children seeking shelter. Join the 'guided tour' chaperoned by a reformed streetkid, Brijesh...

    BY Bishwadeep Moitra 4 March 2009

    Song Of The Street
  • Beyond Worship

    The life of a Bengali family revolves around Durga pujo -- the fourdays between Mahalaya -- Ma Durga's earthly journey from her heavenlyabode -- to when she leaves for her husband's home in Kailash parvat

    BY Bishwadeep Moitra 16 October 2008

    Beyond Worship
  • Footloose

    The car in Delhi that has big metal bumpers in front and the rear, will also be the car that will blind you with its high beam headlights, will also be the car that would honk at you, will also be the car that will overtake you from the left, will al

    BY Bishwadeep Moitra 2 October 2008

  • Play To Win

    The time for the old is up and it should be allowed to rest in peace because the new is too brash and aggressive. The T20 format has nanoed the 5-day game to three and half hours of instant nirvana.

    BY Bishwadeep Moitra 9 June 2008

    Play To Win
  • And In The End...

    After the Scandinavian sojourn, our man travelling with Orange Street concludes his travelogue from good old Blighty after a terrific reception at Tallinn, Estonia.

    BY Bishwadeep Moitra 8 August 2004

    And In The End...
  • Almost Famous

    So do you manage to keep your eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel, while on a tour of Europe with a "raga-rock" band that's managing to at least generate a, well, buzz? Dunno about that, but it'd definitely help to have chat-up lines ready...

    BY Bishwadeep Moitra 20 July 2004

    Almost Famous
  • Baby I Can Drive Your Car

    So why is our magazine designer and deputy editor on a tour of Europe with a "raga-rock" band? Hmmm. Let's see. He has an international driving licence, for one. The first instalment of his, well, travelogue, in which he introduces us to his travelli

    BY Bishwadeep Moitra 12 July 2004

    Baby I Can Drive Your Car